In the puppeteers garden puppets don’t miss anything – they dance, sing, play and laugh as they like. There is only one thing puppets can’t and mustn’t do: move out of this garden trying to reach one of the forbidden fruits. But for Burgele, relative of world famous Pulcinella, no ban seriously exists, so once it happens: With the help of the snake she takes the red apple! Suddenly things just change - Conflicts and death make their appearance and have to be combated.

The a-temporal Pulcinella is here a female figure, her name „Burgele“ is taken from a mysterious alpine Carnival-figure (Tramin/I).




Almost non-verbal

Freely inspired by traditional Pulcinella


All ages from 5 years+

Puppets, props and play: Eva Sotriffer

Music: Eva Sotriffer/optionally accompanied by Samir Amato or Max Castlunger

Pulcinella-Background: Bruno Leone

Duration: ca. 30 Minutes      Set-up-time: 60 Min.      Dismantling time: 30 Min.

Audience capacity:max. 120 Persons


Premiere 2017


Technical rider:

Space required: minimum 3 x 3 m (w x d), minimum height: 2,50 m

flat ground

preferably no gradient ties

maximum audience capacity: 120 persons

preferably black or neutral backdrop 

Light: Basic lights

Sound: Is usually performed acoustically

Outdoors or in venues with more than 150 seats, sound amplification can be needed for 3 microphones