Not only wolves are hungry


a puppet show without words, freely adapted from the folk tale "The Stone Soup"


In a small village, in a small somewhere, there once lived door to door a chicken and a goose. Each of them  looked first at her own well-being and second at the mistakes of the other - so the slightest cause was enough to start a quarrel, although they actually had everything they needed to live happily: a fresh bath in the morning, a run in the garden and abundant food stocks.

Only one, the hungry wandering wolf, had nothing when he arrived in the village and found all doors closed. Nothing at all? That's not entirely true, because he had experience, a cooking pot and imagination - and the rest came by itself.


Adaptation, props and play: Eva Sotriffer

director collaboration: Angelika Jedelhauser

Music: Max Castlunger


Premiere: 1st October 2020, Theater im Hof, Bolzano (I)


Lavis, Arco, Pergine (TN)

Tramin, Auer, Neumarkt, Seis, Eppan, Lana, Bruneck, Brixen (BZ)

Koper, Maribor (SI)

Bad Waldsee, München, Dachau, Neufahrn (D)
Winterthur, Biel/Bienne, Neuchâtel, La Chaux-de-Fonds (CH)
Innsbruck, Lienz (A)



with the support of: