Premiere (Puppenbau und -spiel):

18/10/2023 Stadttheater Bruneck (I), 20h
Shockheaded Peter
Junk-Oper nach Motiven aus "Der Struwwelpeter"
 von Phelim McDermott / Julian Crouch / Martyn Jacques
Spielfassung und Regie: Torsten Schilling
weitere Vorstellungen:
21./22./24./27./28./29./31. Oktober, 2./8./9. November 2023
3./4./6. Januar 2024

Photo: SILBERSALZ/Caroline Renzler 

Tiermaskenherstellung für die Schlossfestspiele Dorf Tirol: "Reineke Fuchs" nach J. W. von Goethe
Vorstellungen Schloss Tirol, 19.07. - 12.08. 2023 

ATD Final MA-Project Presentation  
29/04/2023  Verscio (CH),  20.30 h
"Quanti anni ho. Il tempo si racconta" 


"Quanti anni ho" is a play that brings together the languages of figure theatre, music and movement to offer the direct experience of a reflection on personal time and its spatial dimension in this world we share.


Child, teenager, woman, mother, grandmother. How do all these figures fit into one person, into one body? How many am I and how old am I? Throughout a lifetime we try to find out, and a little also during this performance, which is meant to be an invitation to continue walking with the same curiosity, to continue being surprised by each new moment, by each memory that accompanies us or that pops up unexpectedly. To stop for a moment and then resume the path, building and completing it, one lap after another, always the same, never the same. Every step leaves a trace, whether it is an imprint, a sound, or simply a memory, somewhere it will resonate. Can we find it again?
 We only have to walk. Back we cannot, let us go forward.


Music: Mauro Buttafava
Lights: Christoph Siegenthaler
Foto:  Konstantin Demeter


Duration: ca. 55 min.


Eva Sotriffer Figurentheater, Tramin (I/BZ) - Puppenspiel, Ausstattung, Figurenbau

Eva Sotriffer Teatro di burattini e figure, Termeno (I/BZ) - Spettacoli, allestimenti, costruzione burattini e figure