Dracula: suffering undeath


Life comes and goes. Dracula stays. Every night he has to leave his coffin in search of – what, actually? His dream of eternal life has turned into a nightmare, his hunger for blood and love brings only death. And while the human souls around him find final peace in the arms of Death, Dracula’s suffering starts again every night. Tired and lonesome he decides to die, too. But Death seems just to ridicule him, floating lightly and sorrowless above all. Will there be an issue?



Non-verbal handpuppet-show and live music 


Adults, 5+

Concept, puppets & play: Eva Sotriffer

Live music: Max Castlunger

Duration: 30 min.

Set up time: 45 min.

Dismantling time: 30 min.

Audience capacity: max. 120 Persons


Premiere 2013

Premio Cantiere Off Incanti Torino 2013


Technical rider:

Stage dimensions: 3 x 4 m (w x d), minimum height 2,50 m

Black backdrop, darkened room

Electricity: 220V for lights (2x 300W, 1x 40W)

Sound amplification in venues with more than 150 seats (3 microphones)