This non-verbal puppet-performance tells about all the big things that can happen when two small characters discover and have to handle with an unknown spherical new object which is just there one day: friendship, jealousy, danger, courage, argument, reconciliation – but first of all it tells a lot about fantasy and imagination.



Non-verbal handpuppet and objet theatre


All ages 3+

Concept, props and play: Eva Sotriffer

Music and instruments: Max Castlunger

Duration: 30 min.      Set-up-time: 60 min.      Dismantling time: 30 Min.

Max. audience capacity: env. 80 persons


Premiere 2016


Technical rider:

Space: minimum 4x3 m/flat, height 2,50 m 

electricity:220V for lights (2x 300W) and sound (small audio box)

Preferably darkened stage area, black backdrop

Preferably no gradient tiers