Dreaming Ötzi


More than 5000 years ago, the nowadays frozen and well conserved mummy "Ötzi" was a human being just like you and me – looking for warmth, food, friends and probably trying to find a family. By our simple means of puppetry and music a prehistoric setting comes alive and appears in front of our eyes. Stones begin to chime, Ötzi himself starts to dream and experience exciting and touching moments.

Our puppets, objetcs as well as musical instruments are mainly made of the materials used during the neolithic period: wood, stone, fur, leather, bones and some copper. The play tries to cover up and to breathe life into trifle stories concealed behind the mummy and his belongings.

This artistic approach may encourage spectators to become active dreamers speculating about former realities. When performed in a museum, child and adult visitors will walk through the exhibition with new perspectives.



Non-verbal puppet- and object-theatre, live music


For all ages from 5 years+

Concept, puppets, props and play: Eva Sotriffer

Live-Music and construction of musical instruments: Max Castlunger

Dramaturgical consultant: Eva Kaufmann


In cooperation with the South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology

Première 2016


Technical Rider:

Darkened room

Black (darkened) backdrop, darkened stage area

Minimum stage area dimensions: 4 (width) x 3 (depth) x 2,20 (height)  m 

Connection for power supply (220V) for lights 

Maximum audience capacity: 80 persons