Everybody is looking for his treasure: the little goat is looking for the best hay, the man in love is looking for the woman of his dreams, the woman of his dreams is looking for the little goat and two robbers are looking for big money. 

The little goat knows what to do: Be happy if there is good hay in front of you – and then just eat it in time! Mäh. But it’s not so simple and easy for everybody’s wishes. For the man life is much more complicated: The woman of his dreams firstly is not just in front of him, secondly she’s not to eat and thirdly she is very headstrong. And then this little goat is always inbetween and the two robbers are disarranging everything …



Non-verbal handpuppet-show with live music


For all ages from 3 years+

Concept, puppets, play: Eva Sotriffer

Director: Eva Sotriffer

Dramaturgical consultant: Eva Kaufmann

Music and sounds: Max Castlunger

Music live performed by Max Castlunger/ alternativ: Wolfgang Weissengruber 

Duration: 35 Min.       Preparation Time: 60 Min.    Dismantling time: 30 Min.

Audience capacity: ideally max. 150 

more than 200 performances in 8 countries (Italy, Austria, Germany, Great Britain, Switzerland, Sweden, Turkey, Slovenia)


Tecnical Rider:

Space required:  minimum (width x depth) 3x3 m, height 2,60 m

Preferably no gradient tiers 

Lights: two central for puppets, one lateral for musician

Sound: All instruments are performed acoustically.

             Amplification necessary in outdoor performances or in venues with    

             over 150 seats: In that case we need 3 microphones (one headset &

             two on solid tripods)